Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli launches three new call for proposals encouraging young activists, researchers and practitioners from different fields of study and action in Europe to apply to the FeltrinelliCamp: a two-day immersive workshop which will be held within three different research areas.

The three European Feltrinelli Camp – organized in collaboration with national and international universities and research centres, as well as with institutional stakeholders of Fondazione Giagiacomo Feltrinelli – will conclude an entire season of research activities – Sarabanda 2021 – respectively focusing on three different topics and which be held in the last quarter of 2021.

The three European Feltrinelli Camp are:

  • Broken Cities, 8th – 9th October 2021 – with, among the others: Isabelle Anguelovski, Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability, Ananya Roy, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, Richard Sennett, University College London, Ricky Burdett, London School of Economics, Saskia Sassen, Columbia University, Eric Klinenberg, New York University

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  • Next Generation Labour, 12th – 13th November 2021– with, among the others: Alec Ross, Bologna Business School, Francesco Saraceno, Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Economiques, Sarah Abdelnour, European Network on Digital Labor, Alain Supiot, Collège de France, Maurizio Landini, Segretario Generale CGIL.

The call is closed

  • For a New Globalization, 30th November 2021 – with, among the others: Celso Amorim, Diplomat, former Foreign Minister of Brazil, Giacomo Corneo, Freie Universitat Berlin, Moniza Rizzini Ansari, King’s College London.

The call is open | New deadline 5th November

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Please read below to discover more about each European Feltrinelli Camp and apply to the call of your interest

Broken Cities
8th – 9th October 2021

The Broken Cities – Feltrinelli Camp will be dedicated to examining challenges, vulnerabilities and opportunities that our cities and territories are facing from the ecological, social and economic point of view, the latter two especially exacerbated by the pandemic. The workshop intends to contribute to rethink models and practices that can play a key role in the creation of a shared, and no longer fragmented, space that includes heterogeneous identities and promotes sustainable lifestyles and healthy communities.

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The call is closed. You can rewatch the workshop

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Next Generation Labour

12th-13th November 2021

The Next Generation Labour Feltrinelli Camp will be dedicated to the transformations that labour is undergoing as a result of the current technological revolution. Looking at the possible impacts – both positive as well as negative — that the technological revolution could have on work and society in the near future, we intend to investigate are the most urgent priorities for the political actors that are interested by these transformations (governments, local authorities, trade unions, employers’ organizations, and other stakeholders) so that potential beneficial impacts can benefit the greatest number of people.

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The call is closed.  The two-day program will be online soon with work sessions by invitation and public sessions

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For a New Globalization
30th November 2021

For a New Globalization Feltrinelli Camp will be focused on innovative actors, policies and economies to change globalization and moving towards a fairer international system. The overall objective of the workshop is to promote high quality scientific exchanges among junior researchers and practitioners with different scientific/disciplinary backgrounds and from diverse geographical contexts, working on issues and projects relating to economic and social innovation, theory and practice of international organizations, sharing economies, macroeconomic policy-making.

The call is open

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