Beyond a minimal democracy
Third Forum on the Future of Democracy
4th-5th december

ore 18:30
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In recent decades, representative democracy has atrophied, confining itself to the ritual of its procedural and institutional dimensions.
Populist leadership, technocratic pressures, and right-wing forces with their hegemonic narratives have often proposed simple and top-down solutions, even in response to global challenges such as the climate transition, which, due to its impacts, requires shared decisions.

If this is the global trend, how and under what conditions can representative democracy be revitalized, integrating and improving its traditional mechanisms?

The Third Forum on the Future of Democracy, titled “Beyond a Minimal Democracy”, aims to collect the most interesting European experiences of Democratic Innovation to understand whether – and under what conditions – participatory and deliberative processes can function as a revitalizing force for democratic systems and civil society.

This two-day international event is organized by the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation and the European project PHOENIX. It alternates working sessions with plenary sessions featuring prominent guests such as Wendy Brown, Graham Smith, Yves Dejaeghere, Kalypso Nicolaidis, and many others.

We are inviting researchers, scholars, practitioners and experts of citizen participation to join our working groups.

By participating in our event, you will have the opportunity to share your expertise, learn from others, and engage in lively discussions on how to improve Democratic Innovations.

Register for the working groups by November 27 here.

travel and accommodation reimbursement of up to € 250 is provided.

Click here to download the complete program.

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