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Over the last 10 years, our economic system has been centred on an industrial approach governed by the rule ”take-make-waste”, against all principles of efficiency and sustainability. The Circular Economy, and more generally transformative economies are instead exploring approaches that are less linear, less devoted to consumption and waste, shifting instead towards principles of equity, sustainability and efficiency in their use of natural, social and economic capital.

The alternatives proposed by the so-called green economy nevertheless still necessitate a political response: what questions should be asked? To whom? And what needs should be highlighted?

Within a framework of collaboration and discussion, participants to the FeltrinelliCamp, selected from an international panel of practitioners, researchers, journalists and startups, will be discussing and contributing to the issues for policy decision-making.

In keeping with previous editions, FeltrinelliCamp 2020 will debate theory and practice, drawing from the world of alternative and impact financing’s more significant experiences, exploring training and professionalising opportunities,and putting forward regenerative tools for cities and territories as a means for optimising both use and access to productive resources.

How can innovation, both social and technological, assist in the transition of productive chains? And what of the roles for both public and private actors?

For these answers we have set aside closed workshops, as well as occasions for open debate with international guests, all being opportunities for sharing personal experiences and research among a network and audience that includes distinguished guest speakers.

Researchers, professionals, activists, startups and policy makers under 38 years of age who would like to partecipate in  FeltrinelliCamp 2020 are asked to send an application form as per the call for proposal to by and no later than 9th February 2020.

Workshop Dates:
29th February/1st March 2020

29-02-2020 09:00 / 01-03-2020 19:00

In collaboration with  Eni

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