Europe 2030

The Foundation promotes several initiatives to promote its patrimony and make its documentary collections known to a wider audience. To this end, it organizes exhibitions open and free to the public, hosts conferences, seminars, lectures and cultural events with the contribution of prominent Italian and international scholars. These initiatives may be directed either to a specialist audience or, with a more informative orientation, to the citizen who wishes to be kept up to date. The Foundation also organizes ad hoc meetings for events, processes and phenomena of contemporary history and prepares, on certain occasions, internal pages on its web site to commemorate, recollect and reflect on any issues and figures in our history which might be appropriate to return to.

Research Areas

European Citizenship
Contents, topics, images and texts of an ongoing project addressing the concept of Europe with its inclusive social and cultural practices. Since the First World War, these ideas have triggered the process of construction of the contemporary Europe that, from a geographical point of view, considers the continent as a cultural project.

Globalization and sustainability
A social story about the idea of development, particularly cultural development, the innovation of techniques, awareness of personal responsibility within collective social actions and the creation of a public and shared sensitivity to the idea of well-being in order to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Political innovation
The topics related to new forms of representation and citizen participation in public life, with specific reference to the crisis of political parties and the origins of new movements

Future of work
The new economies and the type of job positions available in a time where the link between growth and employment is becoming weaker and weaker. Changes in the economic domain and the productive and social systems outline a new relationship between life quality and work.

History Box
An area that offers tools, documents and texts from the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation’s archives that identify the historical roots of contemporary transformations. Contents are available in different formats including: e-book, digitalizations and photo albums.

Special Projects

Europe, the great transformations
The Great Transformations project ( illustrates the different languages of Europe and the ways in which, since the beginning of the twentieth century, the concept of European citizenship has been created and shaped. The work is presented as a multimedia and intertextual project, where historical memory is the starting point to create a new European identity.

Observatory on Democracy

The Observatory on democracy deals with the themes of representation, participation, shifts and transformations of contemporary democracy with a long-term perspective, fostering the dialogue between academic fields, associations, politics and different geopolitical areas.

Expo Laboratory
To develop scientific research on issues related to sustainability in its various manifestations (agriculture, food, consumer awareness, food culture, economic development and environmental sustainability, urban sociology), the Foundation is promoting, in collaboration with Expo Milano 2015, Expo Laboratory, a Temporary Academy curated by Salvatore Veca. Through workshops, lectures, expo-school and international talks, Expo Laboratory is compiling an international survey on issues related to Expo, establishing the scientific priorities and interpreting the universal exposition as the starting point of collective reflection on a more sustainable future.