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Arty Farty will organize, on October 7, a public event in Brussels (Belgium). The discussion will involve two different panels; the first panel will focus on the narrative about the European migration policy. The second panel will focus on the role that local art scenes are having on the hospitality of migrants with an artistic background. The overall objective of the initiative is to provide the public with a conceptual map concerning the involvement of the EU in the migration policy; stimulate a debate on the trade-offs that the EU policymakers are facing when dealing with this issue; debate the role of EU solidarity, and civil society organisations in dealing with humanitarian crises.


1st panel: For a unified European migration policy 

Since the Treaty of Amsterdam, the European Union has been committed to developing a migration policy. In recent years, the interdependence created by the single market and freedom of movement, combined with a series of unprecedented migration crises, most notably in 2015 with the influx of Syrian refugees, has made it necessary for the EU to become involved in this policy area. The reception of Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban is reviving this highly sensitive topic in the EU, which still cannot reach a consensus to reform its asylum system.
What are the trade-offs that EU policymakers face when dealing with this migration issue? What solidarity can the EU implement in the management of humanitarian crises? The objective of this roundtable is to understand the issues, blockages and proposals around a unified European migration policy.


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2nd panel : Solidarity and hospitality: a committed art scene

What role do the actors of the art world play in accompanying and supporting refugees and migrants? What kind of view, what kind of narrative on migrations can artists propose to change minds?
Faced with the renunciations of a part of the political class and the wanderings of the European migration policy, the artistic scene is mobilizing. Venues, programmers, promoters, festivals, bookers: they are working to facilitate artists’ access to this cultural ecosystem, whether it is to accompany them in administrative procedures or to welcome them in their places and their artistic networks. These initiatives of solidarity towards artists, citizens and their families fleeing the horrors of their countries, contribute to a human, sensitive and embodied “narrative of migration” as a counterweight to a statistical and technocratic discourse.


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EU-MED | International project

The project will bring about 11 public events across Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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